CBSE Board Exams 2012 CLASS XII Question Papers

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Accountancy SET1 SET2 SET3
Accounting for Business SET1
Agriculture SET1
Applied Physics SET1
Biology SET1 SET2 SET3
Biotechnology SET1
Business Data Processing SET1
Business Process Outsourcing Skills SET1
Business Studies SET1 SET2 SET3
Chemistry SET1 SET2 SET3
Clinical Biochemistry Paper II SET1
Commercial Art History of Indian Art SET1
Computer Science SET1
Economics SET1 SET2 SET3
Electrical Machines Paper II SET1
Electronic Devices and Circuits SET1
Elements of Cost Accounting and Auditing SET1
Engineering Science Paper I SET1
English (Core) SET1 SET2 SET3
English (Elective) SET1 SET2
Entrepreneurship SET1
Financial Accounting Paper I SET1
Geography SET1 SET2 SET3
Hindi (Core) SET1 SET2 SET3
Hindi (Elective) SET1 SET2
History SET1 SET2 SET3
Mathematics SET1 SET2 SET3
Mechanical Engineering SET1
Microbiology SET1
Philosophy SET1
Physics SET1 SET2 SET3
Political Science SET1 SET2 SET3
Psychology SET1
Radiation Physics Paper I SET1
Sanskrit (Core) SET1 SET2
Sanskrit (Elective) SET1 SET2
Sociology SET1
Telugu SET1
Published on 10/27/2012 1:08:00 PM

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