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Nischal Nadhamuni of Bangalore has scored 100% marks this year in SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). This was his first attempt and now he is in the list of few candidates across the world who have scored 100% marks in SAT.

SAT scores are used by most of the colleges in US for admissions. The test is meant to evaluate if a candidate is ready to enroll in a college or not. The duration of the test is 4-hour and comprises of 3 parts – critical reading, mathematics and writing. The total marks allotted for the test was 2400.

The 16-year old boy is a Grade 11 student of Bangalore-based Mallya Aditi International School and appeared for the test on November 3, 2012.

Q. Could you brief us about your family background
I am a sixteen-year-old studying 11th standard in Mallya Aditi International School in Bangalore. My parents are Sunita and Srikanth Nadhamuni and I have a younger sister (12 years of age) called Kaveri. Both my parents are computer engineers by profession. When we moved back to India from the US in 2002, they moved to the social sector. My mother was the founder-CEO of Arghyam, an NGO until June of this year. My father was most recently the head of technology of the UID project (though he has since quit)

Q. How many days did you prepare for SAT alone?
It took me about 3 months to prepare for the SAT. I have learnt 5000 words in 3 months and had practiced 25 tests in which I scored around 2000.

Q. Which books have you referred to score 100%?
I used the official SAT guide by collegeboard, the Kaplan SAT guide and the Barrons critical Reading Workbook. I also used a website called Prepme. I used a lot of online, internet resources to help me in my preparation. The online course by collegeboard was also of great aid in my preparation.

Q. What are your future plans?
I hope to become a computer engineer and start my own company as an entrepreneur. I would much rather start my own companies than work for a large firm.

Q. Are you planning to study abroad?

Q. Places/ Universities you are interested to study
I’m considering several universities on the United States. My first preference is Stanford University, but I understand that my getting into Stanford is improbable as this is one of the most sought after and competitive universities in the world. I am also looking at the UC’s (Universities of California), MIT, UT Austin, CMU, Rice University, Harvey Mudd University, Harvard University, Yale and Princeton.

Q. Which areas you aim to focus for your higher education?
Computer science as a Major with a double major or a minor in Economics or Maths

Q. You have a website – What is your website’s mission?
The mission of Schoolworks is to improve government schools through the use of technology. It aims to harness the power of social media and volunteers to do this. DISE( District Information system for Education) is a government project that has data from about 1.3 million government schools around the country. I have already imported large parts of this data and hope to analyze it to find trends of potential use to government schools. Volunteers may register on the site and go teach in a school or collect data at that school or donate some belongings to that school.

Q. From the website, I feel that you are determined to focus on schools here. But you have taken SAT and scored 100%.
I am deeply fascinated by computers and electronic devices. I find that applying this love for technology into practical issues around me was particularly interesting. This is how Schoolworks was born. I am travelling abroad to pursue that interest in the form of a college level education but I think that I will return to India after some years.

Q. What internet technologies have you learned to design the site?
Php, MySQL, html, Google maps

Q. How are you going to play a role in the society using internet technologies?
If I do become an entrepreneur, I hope that the company I start will use computer technology to make life more efficient, smoother or productive for people. I am sure that in the future, as the world sees more revolutionary technologies, there will be applications of them, unimaginable today, to solve societal problems.
Published on 12/10/2012 4:43:00 PM

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