Service to Society is my Aim - Muzammil Khan, All India 22nd Rank in Civil Services 2016

With the family background as inspiration, social service as aim, I decided to attend for Civil Services examination. Though got selection as IRPS in first attempt… I thought my aim will fulfill through IAS alone. Attempted again and secured it.
Career GuidanceCivil Services 2016 22nd ranker at all India level… Muzammil Khan, son of A.K. Khan (Retired IPS) shares his success journey with

Father A.K. Khan, who served as an IPS officer and grandfather as an IAS officer have inspired me towards Civil Services. Observing their social service from my childhood, I thought of joining similar services. Due to transfers in father’s job, my education was carried in many places. I completed my primary education at Visakhapatnam and high school, intermediate at Hyderabad.

Engineering at BITS, Pilani
After intermediate, I joined in Electrical Engineering at BITS, Pilani Campus. After completing my graduation in engineering in 2010, I was selected as a PO (Probationary officer) in SBI and worked for 2 years. But, my aim was Civil Services. Then in 2012, I focused completely on Civil Services preparation.

IRPS in first attempt
I spent one complete year for Civil Services preparation. In that time I started knowing about examination pattern, material, optional subject, etc and prepared a plan, how to study? At the same time got an idea to continue preparation. For the first time I attempted Civil Services in 2013. Then, I was selected for IRPS (Indian Railway Services). But, being my aim as Civil Servant, I started preparing seriously for that by continuing as IRPS. The result is, I secured 22nd rank at all India level.

Anthropology as optional subject
I chose Anthropology as my optional subject for Civil Services Examination. The main reason for this is, availability of material. I referred the standard books like, Physical Anthropology-P. Nath, Social Anthropology- Majumdar, Anthropology Theories- Makhan Jha, Indian Anthropology- R. N. Sharma, etc. I applied strategy while reading these books to get hold on the content. I didn’t face any difficulty to study Anthropology being an engineering graduate.

Self training
After completing my engineering graduation, I got job in SBI as a PO, hence I didn’t get a chance for special coaching. That’s why I prepared on my own for Civil Services Examination. In this process the guidance given by my father A.K. Khan had helped me a lot. I have got an idea, How to read a topic? How to read it to score in exam? Etc. To get success in Civil Services is…. through self analysis. I followed it. Writing tests about each topic that we read, analyzing it, helps a lot. Attending mock interviews helped a lot in cracking Civil Services. It helped in original(actual) interview.

Interview ….. Contemporary Topics
My entire interview was about contemporary topics. I was asked about bifurcation of Telugu states, questions about my profile. Interview was carried above 25 minutes by the team headed by Sujata Mehta. I didn’t feel any stress.

Will cater for the development of education
In future, I will cater for the development of education. For this, I will implement all the schemes available. Social development is depended on the development of education.
Published on 6/2/2017 2:05:00 PM
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