Are you a person with intellectual curiosity? Have you been inspired any time by the stories of scientific discoveries? Have you been dreaming of doing research? Are you compelled to do job immediately after completion of post graduation for meeting your family needs? Do you belong to a group of high-achieving science graduates who have big drams and an idea of how they want to accomplish them; the only thing lacking is the means. Then, enrolling into a PhD programme is the first step in that process; where the candidate has to surpass an entrance exam followed by interviews.

Earning a fellowship secures a place for PhD interview and is a unique and useful way to achieve personal, academic, or career goals. A nationally competitive grant or fellowship is an extremely special and unique opportunity that will not only allow a student or researcher to delve deeper into their passions through research but also bestows them with a pride of winning all India level competitive fellowship boosting their confidence to bring about life changing results. Having a fellowship not only assures financial assistance to the researcher but also brings down his dependency on the host institute where they have registered for PhD.

While organizations like CSIR, UGC, DBT, ICMR, ICAR conduct national level exams to select suitable candidates and award them with fellowships, some organizations like DST offer fellowships directly, without facing the stiff competition at the national level, for students who emerge as toppers in their respective disciplines at the the university level. In addition there are fellowships which are offered especially to students belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and physically challenged persons for empowering them.