Visa issue behind massive fall in number of Indian students in UK

Acknowledging the huge drop in number of Indian students coming in the UK, the recently anointed India's High Commissioner to The UK, Y K Sinha, has decided to address the speculated issues in obtaining visa.
Education NewsThe number of Indian students studying in the UK is way lesser when compare with the numbers of students coming to the US for studies. More Indian students are leaving for the US, Australia, and other part of Europe.

"In the field of education we have a bit of a problem because the number of Indian students (in the UK) that was 40,000 or so in 2010 has dropped to 19,000. Compared to figures for the US, which had 104,000 Indian students in 2010 and today they have 166, 000," said Sinha addressing the media at India House in London.

Issues in obtaining visa While there are as many as 40, 000 Indian students in Australia, there are around 10, 000 and 5, 000 Indian students respectively in Germany and France.

Pointing at the figures, Sinha detected probable issues in obtaining visa as UK was one of the top destinations among Indian students since history.

"I think the UK universities are doing a great job but I think we need to sort out the issues regarding visas. It is an area where both governments are talking to each other," said Sinha.

Win-win situation for India and UK
Speaking of the UK being a preferred destination for Indian professionals and their unparallel contribution to not only local economy but also to the global economy, the commissioner pointed out that Indian IT personnel are widely renown across the globe and with further engagement in trade and services, both India and the UK can be at win-win situation.

He also attributed the last visit of English premier Theresa May to India in November last year as a major push towards enhancing further engagement in economy between the two nations.

"We have a very good economic engagement with the UK, with trade in goods about 14 billion dollars and another 5 billion dollars in services. But besides that, the UK is a very important in terms of investment scope, being the largest G20 investor into India and 800 Indian companies operate here, bringing about a billion plus in taxes to the Exchequer and employing over a 100,000 people," added Sinha.

Source: PTI
Published on 1/18/2017 2:41:00 PM
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