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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceEvery time we are confronted with a decision making scene, we get reminded of the factors which drag or enable us to determine our decisions. Whether they are people, events, situations, circumstances or attitudinal behaviors, all comprehend to find a complete reasoning as to why we opted for a particular decision.

A lot of approaches are theoretically defined to make decisions in varied situations but certain practical temperaments also sometimes define the way a person deals with in making his decisions.

Let’s take five criteria which would help us take a holistic approach to our decision making process.

What is holistic approach?
For everything that we think and we do in life, we need just one reason to continue doing and thinking that way. If a person tries to find why he is doing things this way or why did he think that way, deep down below a bundle of questions of ‘why’ will be unfolded. Knowing the why is very important to make right decisions.

Facts are volatile and variable
Every fact which exists this moment is subject to change in the next moment. Every fact is a variable and thereby prone to modification based on lot of other factors like the people handling it, the temperament, the bundle of work which has a priority defined, trouble shooting scenario, final decisions which are bigger in impact are looked differently. Hence, an important reason for any decision making process is to keep in mind that the facts only define the present and give the base for the present decisions. With a passed moment the same decision may not hold good as the facts might change completely.

Situations are beyond control
Every situation is unique. There can’t be a single situation which repeats in life. Some factors will surely be different and hence situations remain uncommon every time we make a decision. They can’t be assumed to be constant in any way. These situations are dependent on only outside factors around us whether they are people or events. Most of the situations have a characteristic of being beyond control and can’t be ruled or kept under control. What others will say and behave, how the events will occur, how the circumstances will change is totally unpredictable and hence, basing the decision making completely on the situational knowledge is not a very wise thing to do.

How has been your day affects your good decision making
Every person interacts to another in a way which is defined by how his day has been. If his day is a happy day, then there are chances that he takes a decision and accepts it with its completeness and spontaneity, but in the same way a person who had a bad day will tend to take decisions which might be biased. He would also not accept that he made an inappropriate decision so easily in that state of mind. Any decision making should be done when you are in better state of mind. If you had a bad day, avoid taking big decisions on that day.

Responsibility of voice and behavior
Everything that you say and do is your responsibility and anything which another person does or says is his responsibility. Never take decisions based on what others say or do. Always base your decisions on your own reasoning and logic instead of deciding as how the other person reflects on you. When we understand that, as we are free to say and behave our mind, so are others. So give them that space and allow them that much space. Don’t put the blame of your decision on someone else’s voice or behavior; it is not so wise to do that.

Acceptance of the outcome
Everything which you are deciding in life is going to have only two outcomes and every time you can’t repeat the same outcome which is right for you. Sometimes it may be right for you and sometimes it may not be right. Both scenarios are equally important in life to exhibit excellence and learning. Accepting your wrong or right decisions is actually respecting your decision making process and finding new solutions to the way you handle your problems.

Have a decision making process which is holistic in approach because –
If you need a balance in life, you need a balanced mind.
If you need a balance in mind, you need balance within your thoughts.
If you need a balance in your thoughts, you will always need a holistic approach.

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Published on 5/4/2018 4:55:00 PM

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