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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceConversations are defined across this globe in terms of languages, circumstances, events, people and what not. Any communication which is made with an intention to enhance our living experience… whether it is enhancing the way we handle relationships, the way we resolve our conflicts, the way we discuss our opinions, the way we express our concerns, the way we share happy and sad moments, the way we support or disown people, circumstances and the events; is worth its existence.

A lot of theories and theologies work around for handling every situation, which human beings confront day in and day out then whether it is to do with their routines or a one in situation or an event or circumstance.

There are ample ways to learn fine conversation techniques and communication etiquette but there are some which will open up your mind to it as an art to give your best and get the best in return:
  • Always talk in way of suggesting to others
    Especially when phrased as a question, an offer to help can communicate non-blaming, problem-solving support. Try asking, “Would it help if . . . ?” Or simply, “How can I help?” A little goes a long way to improve communication and generate ideas.

    For e.g., Yeah, if you texted me a reminder, that would help or Would it help if we decide our duties before the meeting so that we are clear on our responsibilities.

  • Always try to make the conversation look as drawing a possibility to describe in a polite manner
    Being polite always pays back. Though, sometimes it becomes slippery to be polite when your inner feeling is restless but relationships can go far if we keep in mind that being polite helps to retain relationships.

  • Expressing your opinion in a way it narrates your struggle inside, will make it more human
    When you narrate that you are feeling nervous to see the crowd, it actually soothes the audience as well as you and that kind of expression helps to solve the issue of being human and coming down to the level of audience and then talk. It is one of the best ways to start your speech or talk. Share the anxiety or tension that you feel about the conversation, it helps.

  • No response is a big response
    When the only thing which comes to your mind is negative, then the best thing to do is “Do Not Respond”. This is also a big response in terms of body language. A person who is confronted will not be able to say but still will understand your opinion. Sometimes it is good to fill up the conversational space with silence than words; it helps us learn to embrace uncomfortable silences.

  • Provoke others to add up to what they are saying by this you will allow them to add perspectives
    Give way to people to give some more opinion to what they have already said by that sometimes two things happen. If the opinion is negative and you may not agree to him, the additional opinion or expression will give some explanation to you and you may agree or the other person realizes on some other perspective while explaining and dilute his negative opinion a bit. “And what else?” is one of the most powerful questions you may ask in such cases.

  • Blame game is a complete no
    Nothing can be achieved in this world by blaming anyone as the sole responsibility of our success and failure is the way we have made it happen. Blaming this universe, or people or circumstances is simply the expression of a weak and ungrateful person. Taking ownership of failure as much as success is what makes a person respectable.
These may not be exhaustive but will definitely enable you to be a good conversationalist and your communication etiquette will decide how fair human being you are. Conversation is an art and more, so it is very important in every sphere of your life to develop these skills because-

“Art of Conversation is not only to say the right thing at right time,
But also to leave the wrong thing unsaid at the most tempting moment.”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 4/14/2018 4:22:00 PM

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