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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceWhat are Ethics?
We all know a list of ethics which we have learnt since our childhood. Some of them are those which we use while some are those which we may not have been able to apply properly for some known or unknown reasons.

Ethics can be defined as the values a person could carry in his human characteristics. Ethics not only help a person to define the way he could do things for himself but also directions as to how he needs to treat other people in different circumstances.

Some basic ethics can be listed for reference. This is not an exhaustive one but the five major ones:
  • Dignified Behavior
    Every individual is expected to behave in a dignified manner with another individual. This is one of the basic ethical human characteristic and is the most valued one. When we grow up we are taught to keep in mind the postures, tones, occasions, attires, gestures, words, responses, expressions and actions which define our behavior towards others. This is not just an indicative one but major criteria as to how people may see you as a human being.

  • Giving your best with Honesty
    Some people talk but do not necessarily act on the basis of what they speak. A good ethical behavior is to give your best with honesty and value yourself by giving the best in whatever you take up whether it is job or as a student. They call it “Dharma”. A student’s dharma is to give in his best with honesty for his studies. A job seeker’s dharma is to give his best on his searches and interviews and continuously brush his skills to give his best into it. For anyone to achieve in life, he must be willing to give his best and only then, he is amplifying his value in this world.

  • Being fair
    People should be fair while they are dealing with others. Whether it is family, friends, colleagues, superiors or subordinates, a person is respected more if he is fair in all his dealings with different people.

  • Keeping up the Commitment
    Keeping up on the commitment is one quality ethic which makes a person’s spoken word worthy to trust and bank on. Over commitments, under commitments all become the inaccuracy in a person to handle his words and reduce the value of him. If a person has told he would revert, he should revert back no matter what is the answer.

  • Cooperative Team
    Every work in this world is possible only because of this quality ethic in a person. A person who works as a team member with cohesiveness is respected a lot and can make bigger wonders happen in his life. No achievements in the corporate world happen as an individual achievement. A family is a team work for any moments whether thick or thin times.

    Defining the above five specifics of the ethic world, will make a person a fine human being in crafting his life. A person who is able to follow just these can also win this world with bare hands.

    Ultimately ethics are important not only from the perspective of being good to others, but if you do well unto others you also become eligible in this universe to get good ethical people in return. This universe will pour only good people unto you for being good to all around you. It is in our favor to play ethic in life because we want the best to come to us from all.

    All that we do in life, we always do for ourselves. Being a better human being is the smallest among all because we are doing it so that we get to see the better people in life. Life shows all good unto us if we bestow the best to others in life.

Be aware that this list applies to every person who has taken birth because-

“Life with ethic specifics is a wonderful way to invite great experiences of this world in its complete attire and goodness as we all want the best. Isn’t it?”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 3/27/2018 5:38:00 PM

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