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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceIs it really worth to discuss it so much?
Is it such a difficult thing to handle in today’s world?
Is it looked upon the main cause for so many ill fated diseases in the market?
Have we understood it properly?
What are we doing to handle it?
Can we simplify it to apply the same in our lives?
“Stress”- Word of the era which can be the reason for anything and everything to anyone’s life. While it is something which is very loosely used and easily absorbed, this takes a person to altogether a new definition of disease in the body.

A toddler, to school going, to college going or mid career prone age to an aged person, everyone can fall prey to this enemy. Is it really so big that medical practice these days uses it for ailments like cancer also. It is also surprising that every lifestyle is in question these days. A person more prone to exercising and fitness is questioned on sleep timings. If these two are adhered to, the simplest of all is the corporate or working environment. We can’t forget the family problems which are also narrated as biggest factors. Ultimately there are so many things a person is bound to handle so the possibility of being under stress has increased quite a bit.

As far its magnanimity is concerned it is not as big as it looks because it is ignored in the initial stages. People take pride to be in stress. It has become a status symbol for some who gain sympathy by saying – “What to do that’s how life has become.”

They fail to acknowledge a fact that they are making it bigger by not properly handling it and also opening doors for all the varied imbalances in body and mind. Then what is the best way to handle it? What can be the simple tools to handle it? How can it be more accurately handled?

Eliminate Triggers
For some it may be exams, for some it may be meetings, for some it is confrontation with some people, for some it is events; the list is person specific and can be better understood by the person himself. Try to figure out the individual triggers and once they are identified you can use one of the two ways to handle them:
  1. Acceptance: If you are not comfortable with something, just go on repeating something simple so that your acceptance level rises up. Like…
    “I have started liking this…”.
    “I am finding new ways of acceptance to this person, exams, particular event…”
    “I am comfortable with … now
    “I am happy to do this… nowadays”
    A sheer acceptance in your words for about ten to fifteen times during that time will help your mind to accept the same more smoothly which in turn will help you relax your unnecessary worry or “stress” to handle the same.
  2. Non Response: Not all the times it is required to respond. Most of the things do not require a response and hence, if you are conscious to not give an expression or response to certain things, the mind does not tend to make opinions about the same. Because these opinions sometimes make us fuller of complex views and which in turn can drag you to the situations where you struggle unnecessarily. Some gossips and opinions are really worthless to discuss and even think about, so it’s better to save time by starting with a no response where it can be avoided.

Talk about your problems
It’s a myth that we can find all solutions ourselves. At least when you are feeling that you are struggling with something you will find that to talk to certain people will be very relieving. Sometimes it’s not that others would find a solution of your problem or you discuss as you are close to them and that is why they can empathize but sometimes it is just the sheer listening of someone, which can give you a perspective within yourself. Sometimes it is just that while you are explaining something to someone, you find a solution to your problem. Sometimes someone can direct you to such a simple things that you feel silly that you were worried about this problem and this thing stressed you so much.

Take a break
Whatever you are doing just drop it for a while and distract yourself to do something else that is of your liking. The period can be just about ten minutes but it will change your mind, heart and relax you immediately.

Sitting in silence
This is one of the best ones which I have applied myself. Sitting in silence gives wonderful solutions to most complex problems. Sometimes not doing anything about the problem is the best solution as some problems are problems of timing and they sound to be a problem on that particular time. Once that time passes, it no longer remains a problem. Try this; it works wonders to even improve your concentration and calmness, which is in turn and anti to any kind of stress.

Hope you will be able to apply them very easily so that this word does not bother you any time in life because –

“Life is very precious to waste it in worthless emotions like “Stress”. Enhance your life by working on your mind and creative wonderful ways will open for you very easily. “

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 3/14/2018 5:25:00 PM

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