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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceA Co-education system plays a very important role in making our education world better place to live and learn. A country is said to be developed only if it has a very good education system. This system works towards creating gender equality in all the fields and also provides opportunities to grow to both genders equally. Though this system has been respected and nurtured in different parts of the world and was introduced in eighteenth century it had its own reasons and benefits, then, but in current scenario it holds humongous importance in line to the following:

Mutual Respect
A very important characteristic that this system inculcates is mutual respect between genders. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, but knowing and learning how to cope with them and accepting each others’ capabilities is what makes them sound to respect each other. This system helps to improve mutual respect.

A lot goes on in the minds of children and one of those is the fear to overcome and deal with the opposite gender. This system gives them the opportunity to deal with the fear and shyness and makes them confident to deal with each other. Also this system helps them to remove the hesitation and imbibe a friendly environment.

Healthy Competition
The potential of a child is infinite and that’s the reason every child needs to be given equal chance to win and exhibit their performance. It is important for both genders to learn and cope up with failures, no matter who wins and not get personally affected. A healthy competition gives a healthy chance to both to approach success.

Early Learning for Self Esteem
Many times, it’s the girls or boys school where the children have studied because of which they lack the required self esteem when they come to universities to deal and handle the public forums or perform freely. Such children sometimes even need counseling sessions to build up their personality to become strong enough to face the world. If the children are studying in the co-education schools, they get a chance to develop their self esteem at an early age. Co-education helps both the genders to respect each other’s self-esteem and build a confidence about their own self, which in turn helps them to step out in the open without feeling intimidated.

Team Member
Everything in this world gets completed only with the team work whether it is sports, projects, working with colleagues, public forums, marriage, family, friends, etc. A person who is good at being a team member only can succeed in every walk of life and this system makes it very congenial for both genders to treat each other in team spirit, develop a good rapport to handle different fronts in future life. Developing the team feeling helps each individual to achieve together and realize that unless they are a good team member and are capable to form a good team with different capabilities the winning is difficult.

Complementing Character building
Children tend to behave differently when they have not been comfortable with the other gender. The other observation is that they behave very decently in a civilized manner in the presence of other gender if they have been brought up in the co education environment. There are certain skill sets which are seen in girls and certain skill sets which are seen in boys and if both capabilities are observed and combined they make great teams to win. A well complementing skill set between both genders reduces discrimination and increases appreciation of capabilities between them which in turn helps them to build good character qualities.

Group discussions
This is an amazing form of learning for education and that is the reason lot of universities evaluate students on the basis of capabilities of a child in group. Group discussions have been made part of the testing quorum in lot of entrance exams of universities and colleges also these days. Such capabilities could be developed and learnt by the children when they perform in groups and in co-education in a better way.

Though this system might have some disadvantages like more chances of distraction, some crimes common when both genders are around, unwanted arguments and fights, emotional stress at times, etc. But overall this system has a great advantage for development and opportunity for both the genders to learn immensely.

I recommend all the students to have study discussion forums and group meetings for projects so that they can take the benefits of this system at new levels because -

“Capabilities of each individual need the opportunity to perform their best in every field and reach to the top of whatever they do.”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 2/21/2018 6:32:00 PM

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