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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceWhat are Universal Principles?
Universal principles are the simple natural rules on which this universe gives out results. This whole universe works on certain principles which are called Universal Principles.

How do they work?
They work as a law. They work as a give and take system in this universe.

Why should we know about them?
If we know them, they will help us be a better human being and understand that if we keep those in mind, they will enable us to perform better and expect some results faster.

There are many such principles, but in this article I want to talk about the most important principle which holds good for every front of life. Whether a person is a youngster, school going, college going, professional, middle aged or old; this works for all. Whether it is professional or personal or social front, this will be applicable to all.

This principle basically is clear to the core. Whatever you give will come back to you. So give always what you want in life. The counter is equally true to the core. If a person likes to have something in life, he must start giving out that more so that universe gives him back through different sources; which also means that, if there is something which is coming to you, it has been sent out by you also.

For e.g., if I like to be respected, I must give respect to all, regardless of the category of people I confront. If a person doesn’t like any person being angry on him he should stop being angry on others.

I know what I am saying looks easier than done; but then, if we want something, we must be willing to give it to get it back to us. If you are giving out non-peace to anyone, you are bound to get that back. The sources may be different and not necessarily it will come back to you from that person to whom you gave. It may come from anywhere.

There are hundreds of examples and the best can be picked up from our lives. What is coming to us which we don’t like are all those things which we have given out.

What is the benefit of knowing this principle? Or How will it benefit us?
Well, the most important benefit of knowing this is that gives things out to others consciously. Caring about yourself and not caring what you spread around in the universe is not acceptable to the universe. So be aware as to what you are giving out. If you don’t like loud people, please observe where you are loud and modulate or mellow down there and you will see that people will not be loud with you. It’s all about correcting your own self to correct the world around us.

Now, you will say this is all philosophical and this can’t be true. I have thousand reasons to believe it and you have an opportunity to apply and find out. Unless you believe and apply them, you can’t find out. But once you believe in it, you will be amazed as to how you should use this principle to your benefit and make everything that comes to you, literally what you want.

Application of every natural principle depends on the intention of the person applying it too. This is not a disclaimer. This is a forward looking caution for all those who really want to work on their self to be a person who gets all what he desires in life.

Life is a full circle. Energy is a full circle. Intention is a full circle. Happiness is a full circle.

Because – “What goes around, comes around back to us.”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 2/10/2018 2:43:00 PM

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