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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceWhat is Leadership?
Leadership is defined as the one sole capability in the corporate world to take you leaps and bounds in what you do.

What are the basic pre-requisites of this quality?
  • Responsibility with Authority- With authority comes the responsibility to handle a big team.
  • Passion and Integrity-Passion to achieve the target with integrity and all fairness.
  • Positive and Self Motivated- A positive mind with self motivation to do it better every time.
  • Discipline and Risk- A disciplined schedule with calculated risk balances the performance.
  • Listening and Speaking-Listening to speak right and make decisions.

How can this quality lead to the new heights?
Growth is the sole target for any individual and hence, if you get inspired to inculcate the above habits you will find yourself in a state where you will be proud of yourself. You will constantly remind yourself that you have that spark to reach to the top. Your self-motivation will drive you with inner happiness and that will enable you to keep going in life with your growth as an individual.

What can help us measure whether we are going in right direction for the same?
There are a lot of indicators of good leadership skills, some of them are:
  • Becoming a team member to the team first
    Unless a person is a team member, he can’t be a team leader. He must empathize with being a team rather than leading them
  • Becoming a good listener
    A good listener only can reciprocate to the team a well heard and understood plan. A well explained and informed leader takes better decisions for the targets as well as the team.
  • Becoming a good delegator of tasks
    If you do not delegate, you are not a good leader. Delegation is an important trait of a leader and he can take the best out of all and add value wherever required instead of being involved in everything.
  • Becoming a good decision maker
    A non-decision maker is never a good leader. A leader must have the decision making abilities to see the mistakes, learn from them and move forward. A leader will have to make a lot of hard decisions to achieve the targets and only then he can function efficiently.
  • Becoming a discredit owner more than a credit owner All credits are for the team and discredits to the leader. A leader who has this in his mind can only do justice to a team as a leader. A leader who can take credit but passes the discredits to the names of his team is not capable to run an efficient team.

If a person evolves and adapts to learn the above qualities or develop these, he can exhibit wonderful capabilities to reach to the top. Whatever field a person is in, he can use these skills and can gain wonders to achieve anything and everything. A person who is a good leader can actually empower others around him also to perform their best.

Let us all try to be a leader not just for a team we have but our own self growth because-

“What calls to be at heights is not just the fate and hard work but also some skills to maintain the positions.”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 1/3/2018 3:46:00 PM

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