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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceWillingness to work for your dreams is the first step towards achieving them. Being willing to change is to actually turn to your goals. Change is unprecedented motivation which lies in a person if he wants fuel to his existence.

With a divine consciousness around each one of us we are all destined to have a purpose and we are all here to fulfill that purpose of ours on this planet. When a human being is really turning towards his dreams, he needs to adopt the open and receptive mode and avail all the positive conscious energy within him to tap the power within him and work on these dreams.

When dreams are defined, they start manifesting only with a thought and with the willingness to adopt the changes which are part and parcel of that rejuvenation of the mindset. While the work on the thoughts is on to decide the process of how to move towards those dreams, a dire necessity of knowing about the resources available at arm’s length arises.

It is rightly said that “Necessity is the mother of Invention”. Unless you necessarily want a thing you will not put your intention to get the same. Once you put your intention to getting your necessity you become inclined and motivated to whatever it takes to achieve it. This is when you start seeing those sources where you will get the required support or help to manifest each step towards that dream.

How can you identify your sources?
Anything and everything that comes your way after you have defined your dream to accomplish will be your source to reach your goal. In short, all that you will encounter after your intention is purely put to your defined dream will be your source from which you can gain. That will be the source which will enhance your thoughts and enlighten your direction for the goal. Everything which comes your way will enable you to find your best course of action towards your dreams.

What are these sources?
These are the advices, suggestions, people you meet, events which happen with you, your relationships, your friends and relatives, your colleagues, new acquaintances, mentors, your own thought process, your mistakes, your parents, your understanding about the same old thing in a changed perspective, change in your perspectives, unusual helps, unusual incidents, etc.

How will they help us in our dreams?
If your dream is well defined and your intention to achieve your dream is strong, every source will help you in different ways. All those indicative sources are defined above.

How can I make the most of them?
You can make the most of each source by being true to your intention. Make sure that your intention and your action along with your attitude and thoughts is in the same direction. Contradiction in thoughts and actions will not serve the purpose. Affirming positive and acting negative will defuse the whole circuit which will lead to the ray of light to your path of achieving your dream.

Allocating your strength and working on your required capabilities is the next important forte you will need to work on. All the sources which replicate the need to support your steps towards your dream are essentially those that reflect your belief system, your thought process, your positive approach, your trust on this universe to provide you with everything that is required, your sources to use the help of other human beings by right people appearing at right time and in right sequence, by remembering all those sources which you have forgotten you ever had since a long time in life, your connection to all those divine connections which will be party to your journey, your flowers and fruits that you will pluck in the form of right opportunities and infinite potential which appears in you to entail it.

It’s a weave of every bit of thought and human support along with the innumerable bits which will be required to be in line for one consolidated effort towards the best journey. This journey is the key and the intention to be aware of your sources happens to be the process which begins to unfold new arena and new eyes to see them all. In these numerous sources which strengthen us and help us to accomplish our purpose of life one thing is sure,

“No matter what you do your receptivity to the divine grace is very evidently seen.”
You might find sources which you never felt, you never thought of, you never dreamt of, you never believed existed for you and never absorbed into yourself and your mindset. How the strength and acumen come to our rescue every time when we need them is an amazing experience to be grateful for.

And that’s why I urge you to always be grateful for the new ways and new sources which you can tap and which you keep tapping for different purposes of life that you exist for. A fact will always be alive in all of us-

“All our sources of strength could be tapped only with our receptivity towards them to bring change in our own beings whether it is thought, belief, action or awareness.”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 9/29/2017 12:15:00 PM

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