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Over, Under or Just Confident

-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceWhat is the definition of being confident?
What is the difference in looking confident and feeling confident?
What does confidence do to an individual?
What does in-confidence give you in return?
What is the difference between over and under confidence?
Why is it important to be just confident and not over or under confident?
How can I maintain my level of confidence in whatever I do?
Confidence by itself is a very positive word and takes a person to a new level of sustaining the tough and swirly times in life along with enjoying his best times.
  • While being a student, you might be trying to make and present a creative project or trying to exhibit your work and knowledge or speak publically or write an exam or give an oral exam etc.
  • While being a fresher or professional, searching for a job, giving an interview, facing meetings, handling people, handling critical mind sets, working on deadlines etc.
  • While being an entrepreneur or in the corporate world at the senior positions, focusing on the vision and goals of business or organization, motivating team to perform, selling hard, save at purchasing, efficient handling of resources, etc.
At every stage and in every way a confident person gains more over others who are not confident. Those who are over confident they basically miss the small perfections to the goal. Those who are under confident they shy off in attempting certain things, which they are not sure of and thereby loose the good opportunities at times.
Now you may wonder how a person can know he is under confident or over confident. A simple test for any job to be doable is to ask these questions and then proceed:
  • What is the biggest risk in handling this job and can I bear that?
  • Do I have enough skills to handle the job if it comes through along with its hurdles?
  • If I do not have the skills am I ready to put in whatever it takes to build up those skills?
  • Even if I am not able to get through will I appreciate that I at least tried and that this experience will help me in handling something else later?
  • Will I be happy throughout the journey regardless of my success and failure?
If all of the above are yes for any person he is definitely confident but one more test will ensure he is not over confident:
  • What is in my hands effort or success?
If you say effort you are confident. If you say success you are over confident. If you say both you will have to monitor your confidence as it might drag you to become an over confident person soon. It’s like salt which is a must in food but less or more will decide whether you learnt the cooking well or whether the dish is cooked well.

Having said all the above I add that confidence is quite a subjective proposition for all and in some jobs we might feel that we were over confident in the later stage but that’s okay because this is also a process of self improvement within us. The line between over and just confident is quite thin and a person might tend to tumble down once or twice but still he will be able to do good justice to his role than an under confident person because he at least dint fear the failure and did try to do it.

Confidence may not guarantee success but in-confidence definitely takes you away from a lot of good opportunities that you can try and go ahead on. Because we have infinite potential within ourselves and many times we are able to perform certain things even if we never thought we could. But without having tried we would never come to know our potential of being able to do it. Hence a confident person always gains more than an in-confident person that’s sure.

A very vital point of understanding is that maintaining confidence in whatever you do is sometimes tough because of the critical conditions. Nevertheless a person should always look for the ways to enhance his confidence on life, on his skills, on his support system, in his attitude to approach his goals and in the way he would want to pursue his actions in the direction of his journey onwards to his goals.

Keep asking yourself the above questions and continue all your journeys with a positive and open mind. This is the only way to approach new, existing, unusual or hard challenges. Take them up ask yourself and decide to pursue or not and then stick to it till you make another decision or decisions to pursue more and then finally achieve your every goal.

What you want to do decides your determination…..
How strong your intention is decides your pace of action……
How gratefully you value your achievements decides your attitude to success…….
How fairly you deal with your mistakes decides the level of your Confidence…….
So be just confident and rely on your confidence as your best tool to guide you on your journey of Achievements!!

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 9/9/2017 12:00:00 PM

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