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Career GuidanceFrom the very childhood we find ourselves surrounded by the teachers and mentors who help us become what we are today. Every time we confront or audience a situation we make our opinions based on what we see and what has been taught to us.

I still remember my first place of work where I used to pen down what I didn’t like. The reason was that I always thought that the day I would become the boss I would handle the same situation differently, or handle my team differently or value my subordinate staff differently. Every time I did not accept something in a situation I would note it down for myself. I don’t know how that thought came to my mind and why I felt to record it, but I did.

Change: A process once sour becomes sweet now
When I see my mind working in that direction, I feel glad that whatever points I made to be improved or handled differently actually remained in my mind and got recollected when the time came to handle my team as a boss. Every mind works as per a process. This process not only helps a person to become a better boss but also a better human being.

The fact remains that when we are not the rule makers we have to accept the situation, the way it is. We can bring the change when we are in those shoes. But normally it is seen that by the time we rise to that level we also start behaving in the way we once hated, as a subordinate. A strange thing to understand is that though you are the receiver of something you do not like or appreciate, you still are capable to change the rules of the game when you become the owner of the game.

This realization is vital from the view point of one phenomenon which happens in a subtle way within. You start complaining less about the situations and make determinations on how can you change the situation when you are in that place.

There are two ways of seeing things, either we accept happily what happens to us along with the rules laid down towards us, without any complains or wait for the day till we are in that position and change the rule of the game and make our own rules then.

It’s that wonderful saying which makes it so evident,

“Be the change you want to see and start that change within you right now.”

“Make an example for yourself and you will see the world has changed and accepted you as you are.”

I find students who are favorites of teachers though they don’t score good marks and that is because they accept themselves as a student to that teacher. When you are a student your time is to learn and pick what you can learn, while when you become a teacher you can improve on how to deal with the students better from the experience of being a student. You as a teacher can make new beginnings and changes in the way you handle the subject and the students. Until then your job is to learn and grow so better concentrate on that.

Make your own rules when you become the owner but before that it’s your learning time so enjoy that fully and learn because-

“Change is a necessity of the owner; others have to make a change in their thought process to accept…

Wait for your opportunity to be the change you always wanted to make, till then keep changing your mind and have patience…

Because your time is going to come soon…...”


Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 7/26/2017 1:11:00 PM

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