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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceSherry, “You are really irresponsible. You should have asked him to clearly specify the time of return and place where he went. But you just don’t bother to ask.”

Nayan replies, “Why are you panicking? He has grown up now. He has to learn to take care of himself. Allow him to learn.”

Sherry responds, “World is not the same and he is not so grown up. If he was he would have called by now to tell us where he is and how long he will take. But these kids forget everything during fun.”

Nayan: “Well, I understand he should have called but even if he has not called, you worrying will not resolve the issue.”

Sherry: “You do not understand. I am a mother and I am really concerned about my child. I care for him and his safety. I can’t be like you; happily sitting and sipping tea watching your television news.”

Nayan: “You know what? I also care for him but I don’t create the worry and panic like you. You need to relax.”

Sherry: “Aah! I know you will never understand this.”

Every day we see that argument happening between parents. Every day, we find mothers justifying their worrying as caring. Mothers are almost always convinced that this worrying attitude is the only way they can care for their children.

I know as parents we must be aware of certain things like where are our children going or their company or their attitude towards handling themselves or calling up if it’s later than a particular time or making us aware of their schedules. But a very interesting way to get it from them is to educate them that this will be required from them and if that’s done they will be responsible enough.

Worrying, a negative energy
Also, I understand it’s difficult for those parents who have given certain standards or parameters but the children are not able to keep up their word. They should be finding new ways to educate their children. Those efforts need to be taken so that we are doing our bit to ensure they are with us on the same page when we talk to them as parents.

But when you are worrying in the name of caring you are actually sending a negative energy to your children. A worry is like a doubt about the performance of the universe that is responsible to take care of all of us. Your children have come to this world through you but they are basically the children of this universe like everyone and it is the responsibility of the Universe to take care of all its babies including you and your children. It’s like holding a heavy baggage on your head while you are on the train. It is the train which is carrying your weight and your baggage weight so what is the need to carry the baggage on your head you can just keep it down on the train floor and relax instead.

Safe Energy that to be spread
Another logic is that you are not trusting good things to happen to you and you are sending the “Doubt energy” or “Something bad might happen energy” which is truly a negative thought. Any thought you send has energy, actually goes to the other person through that thought. The energy decides what it attracts. Negative always attracts negative. Positive always attracts positive. There is no chance that a negative can attract a positive and a positive to attract negative. But even though you feel there is a slight chance that even after sending the positive, a negative can be attracted; one thing is sure that negative will always attract negative so then is it not wise to not send that kind of thoughts.

You may be concerned and you can call or ask your children to call but be very sure that they are safe in this universe and send them a “Safe Energy” so that they are always with right people at right time and the safe energy enables them to be safer and secured.

Our bodies are also more an energy source rather than just a physical being and this has been proved by many scientific researchers now.

Whenever you are struck with any concern about anyone an affirmation which works wonders on repetition to calm you down is-

“My family and I are safe and divinely protected in this Universe.”
Repeat this till the time you really start feeling the peace seeping within you and you become calm. This works wonders in the internal system of thoughts. In any case you have to improve the quality of energy you are sending to your loved ones so you must try this.

“Let the safe energy penetrate in your thoughts and pass to your children more than the unsafe one by that you will be adding more peace and safety to your children and your lives.”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 7/4/2017 2:30:00 PM

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