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Career Guidance“It is a long vacation and this time I must add some value to myself”, said Karan.

“Wow… that’s really thoughtful of you and more so coming from you is simply wonderful. I always look through what can work for you every time. This time you take an initiative”, said Jyoti.

“No, mom I am really serious. I really want to utilize this time and do something I would cherish for the lifetime or learn something that I can apply in long run; can you help me this time?” grinned Karan.

“Well, of course darling! I would like to put a list across to you of the different things I know and you may add or go beyond that for your understanding and liking and decide on some of them or couple of them. I am glad you are thinking this on my behalf and are sharing this responsibility of mine” smiled Jyoti.

Can we talk on this right now? Can I tell you of what is there in my mind? Can I take your fifteen minutes right now? asked Jyoti.

“Of course mom” replied Karan, who is of about sixteen years.

“Ok then I want you to take a paper and use two sides of it to write what you should schedule and what you should do Karan”.

Karan said, “is there a difference in both?

Jyoti- Yes and I want you to first listen to the second one-“What all you could do”.

  1. Join a library
    One of the best things you can do is join an online library or a peaceful sitting library and browse the subjects which you would love to read. Spend an hour searching the stuff, take a couple of hours reading it and carry some hard cover books for your further reading home. A very enriching habit in your life time is reading what you love to read and it not only adds fuel to your mind, it makes you more open minded and updated in knowledge along with an attitude that there is so much still to know in this exciting world. A wonder struck person can learn ample of things within the subject he loves to know and read.

  2. Meet your dream profession persons
    Every person has a dream profession. Sometimes there is more than one profession which students and children dream about. You must meet people in those professions or connect with them and know what all they do and how much they need to do to keep up with that profession. For e.g. a student who aspires to become a lawyer can connect to a lawyer and understand what all needs to be done to become a lawyer, which are different lines within that profession, which institutions are doing well, what are the type of institutions in different lines available for choosing the right place, which colleges are well known and for what, what is the period of experience normally required, etc. Meeting elder ex students for learning how did they prepare for board exams, what is critical, how did they begin the subjects, what are good coaching class centre, checking with subjects will need additional reading and what are the sources of them, etc.

  3. Learn something
    If you have hobbies you can pursue them to go better in that. Already learning dance or musical instruments will get more time to practice and improvise; for learning new instruments, art works, dance types, this is the best time. The same can be learned and practiced well. Learning to paint and craft works also need a lot of time. Concentration and attention can be highly improved through these. Patiently sitting and working is one area of learning for students who are restless and want to develop this quality for future.

  4. Take up a project
    There are a lot of projects which are science based as a course. There are a lot of projects which are socially driven. Like project of cleaning a particular area, or collecting and distributing the books to the under privileged, opening a library by collecting different books and reading it to those who can’t afford to upgrade their knowledge otherwise. There are ample of projects which can be creative and initiative driven which can be taken up by a group of students with an intention to make a valuable change to the vicinity or society. This is the time to give their contribution to the outside world. Trust me you build a lot of good friends and have a lot of fun while doing such things. Besides it’s a good chance to do some good deeds also.

  5. Join a course
    There are courses on self development, personality development, communication, writing skills, grooming skills, public speaking, presentation skills, photography, film making, theatre skills, etc. Based upon the liking and interest any course which fascinates you can be joined. You will connect with the like interest people and continue in your journey to know the subject better along with making likeminded friends.

  6. Work with a Corporate
    It’s a good idea to join a corporate or office for a couple of months for a couple of hours or more to know how it is to work in such an environment. Also, observing work places will instill organizing and other related skills in the young mind. There is always learning in disguised work culture. A subtle knowledge and grooming happens at such places. Things to learn are like how to document, how does filling happen, how is indexing and storing of documents is important in a corporate culture, how are meetings and minutes handled, small jobs to help others and learning the skills of paper work.

  7. Do some research
    Researches practically take a lot of time. Since you have time this can be one area of exploration for the specific subjects if you have always wanted to do. If you are a travel lover do some research on the places you would love to go, what it is known for, how can you plan a trip to that place, etc. Planning a couple of vacations for your family is a wonderful idea. Researches can be on hotels, restaurants, fun places, environment friendly trips, trekking, star gazing trips, bird watching trips, etc.

  8. Go Cooking
    If you love food this is the best time to try some cool things as its summer time. Making amazing drinks on your own and serve yourself and family. Learn some basic or exotic dishes and try to improve your cooking skills. This skill is such that everyone can make the most out of it. Whenever a person has an opportunity or he loves to cook it proves to be a stress buster and in addition it satisfies you with great food which you would love to eat and cherish your taste buds ever.

  9. Games, fitness and fun
    Those who are fitness freaks can join a gym or a yoga regime class. For some who are sports freak can join bicycling, jogging, tennis, badminton, swimming, basket ball, cricket, or any other physical activity which will enhance fun and fitness along with learning more proficiently some games that you love to play. Since it is hot some may join the gaming zones and play indoor and pursue their passion of gaming like that. There are so many online indoor games which are played and that is an entertaining way of playing if you cant go out and its quite hot.

  10. Spend time with loved ones
    Last but not the least, since you have time at your disposal do try to spend some time with those whom you are not able to give your time to, due to your routines. Go for a trip to your grandparents, friends who live in another city, plan some family time with your parents, play some board games and cards with them, go for water picnics with friends and family, etc.

While the above is not an exhaustive list you are free to explore so many other avenues which will be productive to optimize your time and make the most of both entertainment and learning.

A simple way to balance your time:
  • Pre-schedule your time to do your stuff in a day and for the week
  • Pre-plan the trips so that you are not wasting much time in coordination
  • Remind yourself to not be on screen all the time, divide your time to give rest to eyes
  • Carry a book everywhere you go so you can have a leisure read whenever you have time
  • Last but not the least love what you do and do what you love as –

“You are fortunate to have this time to yourself which is difficult once you are full time working so make the most of it”

“Thank you so much mom…….” Elated Karan jumped out of the seat and started to work on his summer vacation.

Have wonderful summer vacations!!


Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 5/12/2017 10:27:00 AM

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