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Career GuidanceWhy I am always my teacher’s target?
Why do I always get negative comments from my teachers?
Why is my teacher so ruthless to me?
Why is the other student a favorite and not me of the teacher?
Why is my teacher never happy with me?
An answer to all the above questions lies in the question itself. It is the feeling of the student in every question that needs a change. Seldom have we seen that an intelligent student is the teacher’s favorite. It is the student who has smart presence captures the teacher’s eye and bags the attention. This is also because the intelligent ones even if found doing anything wrong are saved as they are getting good marks and teacher’s cant say them much. But those who are average but make their presence felt due to the way they handle the relationship with their teachers, the way they talk to them, the way they exhibit their responsibility to be as per teacher’s expectation is what makes them a favorite in their eyes.

Respect teachers from the bottom of heart
I know it is easier said than done, once an impression is created it might seem difficult to reverse. But one thing which I have seen in my life is that the moment you start respecting them from your heart they will start loving you. One such teacher had come to my life to change my life completely and bring out the potential in me I could never think I could do so much in my life. My goals were average and simple as I was an average student till I got a mentor who made me toil and work on my abilities. Everyone gets that opportunity, the only thing required is to respect your teachers for what they have and what they can give you. If you just concentrate on how they teach and what they are as a person, you lose the focus all together.

Teacher is your best driving force
Teachers have a thankless job to work on the students’ year on year and create motivation within them to out-perform. They can actually just do their job and go home but they have passion to make the most of their profession; hence they strive to work on students and find their pride in each of their students. Some teachers are so strong in their urge to motivate that they become your best drivers to help you choose how you should study, how you should practice, how you should revise, how you should understand and approach the subject; as they are the masters in that subject. Their motivation sometimes is so strong that they make the student strive and push hard to work and achieve better. In that drive if some student does not respond in the same way they feel disheartened they might try to scold or pick on him to make him realize that he can do much better.
  • Respect them genuinely: The only thing which goes into a wonderful relationship with a teacher is respect for them for what they know and how they can mentor you. That’s the only thing they need from you.
  • The Mentors: There are your pals, who can hand-hold you and take you to your highest potential which even you may not be aware of. They are your flight to the success path.
  • Reinforced focus: Your focus is your growth and they will be your best partners to make your focus reinforced. Are you geared up to work on your goals then?
  • All positive: There are only advantages attached to a good relationship with a teacher and for your learning process so why not try to respect them. Don’t just say but feel the dignity of their profession.
  • Drag their attention: Work harder and perform better that is the only way to drag their positive attention towards you. That is again for your good only.

You always gain from teachers so—
“Try and be a good student, the right teacher either will appear to you or will turn right for you “


Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 4/28/2017 6:01:00 PM

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