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Career GuidanceTons of advises and lots of expectations make the board exams always a tough one. Not only for the parents but for the students it’s a challenging year and preparation time. No one is spared from the stress which is created in the whole atmosphere. For some students who are average students, the parents have a bigger duty to put them on to the roller coaster ride and give the extra classes from couple of years before the board exam year.

Actually speaking it is a year where the stress test for both the students and parents start but the same can be made to a better ride just by encouraging the students by helping them to cope up with the new expectations of others and new learning of handling the bigger volumes of syllabus. It’s good to sit once in a while to listen them out so that there is vent out of how much they are going through. Though it may not be enough but this can soothe the students to be upfront and share with the parents what all they are going through.

Certain practices can make the whole year of preparation and the exam time easier:
  1. First Reading before the Teacher:
    It’s always a good idea to do the first reading before the teacher covers the chapter in school or a tution class for a student. He will get a chance to ponder on certain points when the topic is taught. It is basically the touching or brushing through the topic.
  2. Second Reading for the concept absorption:
    After the topic has been covered or taught in school or otherwise, an immediate second reading will firm up lot of concepts in mind and it’s the best way for the topic to remain in memory for long. A fresh analysis is always ideal for a fresh dish and the topic understanding will be refined by that within the mind of a student.
  3. Schedule Adherence:
    Make a schedule to adhere to which is simple and not too taxing so that you love to cover the things on a daily basis instead of later. Every day half an hour per subject is the best way to allocate time. This should be pure reading apart from the class and home works.
  4. Practicing from other reference books:
    When you have finished the syllabus try referring from other books for practice or a different presentation of the same topic. Sometimes the topics which are not understood well can be understood through a different book. Also, reading the same text book might become too much and might lose the interest over the times.
  5. Writing a series of mock exams:
    Set an exam atmosphere at home and set an alarm for the 3 hours like the examination hall and write as many past papers as you can. There are three benefits to it:
    • You will be thorough with some simple things
    • You will gain speed in writing and your explanation will improve and
    • You will gain confidence on where do you stand in completing the paper in 3 hours and remembering the whole syllabus properly.
  6. Correction and marking:
    Get the answer sheets verified by your teachers or mentors or parents to get the idea of:
    • Where do you need to improve?
    • Are you able to finish the paper on time?
    • Are you equipped in description skills?
    • Where is the gap?
  7. Discussion points:
    It’s a good idea to have a small group for discussing doubts and then in turn cross check with the teachers. This helps in churning your mind to different directions of application of the concepts. Also, a competitive discussion of who has worked on the syllabus how much will motivate you to read and finish the part. Put a deadline for the chapter and meet for the discussion this works wonders on motivation and understanding as well.
  8. Revision in different ways:
    Different types of revisions were discussed in one of the previous article. Go through that and figure out your strategy for the revision. Revision should always be done differently from different books so that reading remains interesting and you keep learning.
  9. LMR Points:
    The Last Minute Revision Points need to be made when you are doing your final revision. This helps on to go through the whole syllabus in a zap. The overviews and one pagers are the best ways to do this one.
  10. During Exams:
    Finally during exams make it easy sail by:
    • Talking less and save energy to read more
    • Eating less and eating efficient like energy food of fruits, salads, juices, lemon juices. Canned juices, junk food to be completely out for the exam days for a fresh mind and sound stomach.
    • Time for the breaks should be very small and less breaks as you will lose at least 10 minutes if you get up from reading
    • Hugging your mom or a dear one around is a good idea for boosting your mood
    • Remain cool by mind and spirit and trust the almighty to help you produce what you read, at the time of exams.
So may your exams be filled with lots of work, healthy body good spirit and happiness so that you come out with flying colors in all what you do..

“I pray to the almighty that you are able to produce everything that you read, properly and optimally to gain the maximum marks and make yourself and your parents proud of you!!”


Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 4/5/2017 12:19:00 PM

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