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Career Guidance What is the best way to attempt a paper?
What is a confident approach to write and come out of the exam hall with a smile?
What will make a student feel relaxed at the last minutes of paper?
What will relieve a student even if the paper is being snatched by the examiner due to time run out?
All the above questions and many more would be there in the mind of each student. I am saying student because every moment we keep learning and everyone is learning something or the other. If a child is working on his exams, a college going student is working on his competitive tests, a fresh graduate is working on how to give a good interview, and a job seeker who got the job strives and learns to do better for better salary and designations. But everyone is learning something or other that is sure. Whether it is a question paper to be answered, interview to be attended, you being about to go to stage to perform, about to speak to a group of people, handling a critical meeting or anything; learning is the area in which every age ventures in every phase and always.

Different strategies of attempting a paper:
  • Some attempters write and check
  • Some think and write and do not check
  • Some start with the best known answer
  • Some start with the highest marks question
  • Some start with the easy and less time consuming questions
  • Some start with the difficult and more critical ones

Everyone has his own way to handle his exam.

Then what is the IDEAL WAY?

Will it make it any better to know different ways of attempting if we already know that this is our way?

The fact that a person is comfortable to answer in a particular way is not enough to explain that this is the right way. There is a difference in the right way and a balanced way. There is nothing like a wrong way because you are best judge but still I would like to throw some light on the different types of attempting a paper and how can you find your ideal way going forward at least.

Let’s take the whole ideal way as the proportion and mix of all the above techniques and making it the optimum mix so that the attempting of the paper is balanced approach.
  1. We can divide the questions into five categories quickly:
    • Very well known Answers
    • Well known Answers
    • Half known answers
    • Just to Try answers
    • Time to think on those questions you don’t know at all
  2. Now let’s further dissect them on the basis of marks:
    • Answers very well known and carrying MORE marks
    • Answers well known and carrying MORE marks
    • Answers very well known and carrying LESS marks
    • Answers well known and carrying LESS marks
    • Answers half known and carrying MORE marks
    • Answers half known and carrying LESS marks
    • Answers just to try and carrying MORE marks
    • Answers just to try and carrying LESS marks
    • Time to think on those answers you don’t know at all
  3. Lets divide the time of the paper into an ideal mix first for 3 hours:
    • First Read- 2-5 minutes
    • Decide the chronology and put numbers- 1-3 minutes
    • Answer the Questions-2 hours and 40 minutes
    • Recheck on missing questions- 2 minutes
    • Recheck answers-10 minutes

The decision of what should be your ideal mix depends on your golden rule but it is a good idea to reconstruct your mind to work logically to ensure that at the time of receiving the question paper you do not forget on the ideal mix and keep doing your way. It’s good to keep consciously follow this so that it becomes a unconscious habit and you will not have to make extra effort to follow it at the time of stress when the paper is just in front of you.

Let’s hope you make your exam giving a better opportunity to score more marks with the above ideal strategy mix because-

“It’s only you who would decide whether you want to score optimum with least effort and best strategy.”



Author: Shachi Maheshwari
You may reach the author at
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Published on 3/11/2017 1:44:00 PM

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