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Career GuidanceEveryone desires for success. Everyone defines success in his own terms.
  • Success for a student who has not been able to get through an exam since couple of times defines success as to getting through this exam.
  • Success for a student who has cleared last exam with fewer marks defines success as to getting better marks this time within his competition around.
  • Success for a student who always gets good marks defines success as standing out at first position.
  • Success for a student who always stands out good but is an introvert defines success as going good at the public and projects within school and college.
  • Success for a student who is good in studies and speech wants to excel in extracurricular and gain more towards his overall development and that is success for him.
  • Success for a bright fresh graduate is to get a good job before leaving the campus of the college.
  • Success for an existing job holder is to get better position and salary.
It is how you have defined your success and that priority factor you keep for you, which will enhance your achievements.

A defined way to plot your success graph is to be specific and go step wise to the ladder of your ultimate goal. While I say that, I also understand that after achieving the first defined success we need to keep re-defining the steps and continue plotting future ones too.

How should it be done then?
  • Specific is the best: When you define your success remember that anything you define as success is going to drive you and motivate you to continue up the ladder.
  • Your first Step: Make your nearest success as your first step to move up the ladder.
  • Maintain pace with small gaps: Your next point of success should be a step not more than two months. Logically it will help you maintain the pace of the growth. It will also need to remain energized for the moves within your success ladder.
  • Timing of decision making: Within the two success points is the time of right decision making at right time so that time is optimally utilized. Any updated information on the change in exam dates or more time to study or unfavorable results will roll back your defining the step back again. . Decision making takes 10 minutes whether you do it today or tomorrow or next month or after six months; so why not do it now. Time saved is time utilized, as it’s a treasure for the student.
  • Sharpening Skills: Keep sharpening your required skills to achieve the next success step.
  • Measure where you stand correctly: Be objectively evaluating your progress on these skills to know where you stand as a valid candidate to achieve the desired success.
  • Time Frame: The success graph should ideally be of five years, broken down to yearly targets and then the monthly and bi monthly review of 5-10 minutes.
  • Your Clear Intention: Your graph is purely dependent on:
    • How sincerely you want to achieve it
    • With how much discipline you work towards it to achieve
    • How objectively you are open to changes and correction to your attitude, techniques and skills
    • How you ensure that you keep moving forward
    • How you measure your growth
A unique success graph with defined success steps with pre-requisite skill list is the best way to approach your Success Graph. The parameters define how effective is the plotting done. You might have to do and redo a couple of times to get the feel of “This is what I want”.

Some good techniques to identify:
  • A technique on how to decide which one you want out of more than the other is to ask yourself-“What if I achieved this and lost others; will I be happy?” If you get the answer to this question as affirmative that is the thing you should go for first.
  • The other one is “No Regret technique”. Ask yourself-“what if I do not try this one will I regret in life?” If you get the answer to this question as affirmative that is the thing you should go for first because you should never regret for not trying something when you look back to your life in future.
Make a graph not because it is your success but make it because-
“To succeed is what you have come for in this world.”

If you do not aim to succeed you are not alive……
Come on, get up and pick up the drive to be what you aspire to be…..”


Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 12/16/2016 5:31:00 PM

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