Nanotechnology in Agriculture

NPTEL is offering online courses for UG and PG students in Nanotechnology in Agriculture.
Online Courses About the course:
  • Modern agriculture is a chemical intensive process starting from fertilizer, pesticide to food preservation.
  • Modern nanotechnology tools if used judiciously in future, have the ability to offer sustainable development along with the optimal, precision and more effective use of chemicals.
  • In this course, I will be sharing my journey from basic agriculture to modern day nanoparticle based agriculture practices.
Course Plan:
  • Week 1: History of agriculture and the role of chemicals in modern agriculture
  • Week 2: Overview of nanotechnology
  • Week 3: Application of nanotechnology in modern day agriculture practices I
  • Week 4: Application of nanotechnology in modern day agriculture practices II
  • Week 5: Application of nanotechnologies in animal production
  • Week 6: Nanotechnology and shelf life of agricultural and food products
  • Week 7: Nanotechnologies for water quality and availability
  • Week 8: Green nanotechnology and the role of good governance and policies for effective nanotechnology development
Duration: 08 weeks

Last date for enrollment: August 27, 2018

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Nanotechnology in Agriculture Online Course
Published on 5/28/2018 5:44:00 PM

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