2nd Year Chemistry Study Material

Unit - 1 Solid State Solid State
Unit - 2 Solutions Solutions
Unit - 3A. Electrochemistry Electro Chemistry
Unit - 3B. Chemical Kinetics Chemical Kinetics
Unit - 4 Surface chemistry Surface Chemistry
Unit - 5 General principles of Metallurgy General Principles of Metallurgy
Unit - 6 P-Block Elements P-Block Elements
Unit - 7 D&F-block elements and coordination compounds D- Block Elements
Unit - 8 Polymers Polymers
Unit - 9 Biomolecules Bio-Molecules
Unit - 10 Chemistry in Every day Life Chemistry in Every Day Life
Unit - 11 Halo Alkanes And Halo Arenes Halo Alkanes and Halo Arenes
Unit - 12 Organic compounds containing C,H and O Organic Compounds Containing C, H and O
Unit - 13 Organic compounds containing Nitogen Organic compounds containing Nitrogen
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2nd Year Chemistry Study Material

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