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Regular changes are very natural depending upon the organizations’ business tactics. It may have negative impact on some departments. But, there is no need to worry of losing jobs. Youth should be with the positive attitude of getting new opportunities with new technologies… says Pradeep Shilige - Executive Vice President - Cognizant Technology Solutions and Digital Systems. Pradeep started his career with just engineering graduation as eligibility. Pradeep worked in technical departments of various organizations for more than three decades. Here he shares his experiences…

Changes in various organizations are very common in technology era. It is not confined to IT field. Changes are taking place in all the fields. But, the thing that frightens the students and employees is, launch of new technologies. In fact, it is a part of various organizations’ business tactics. Present generation youth (Millennials) should be in a position to welcome new technologies rather than getting afraid of them.

Did we think of IT emerging?
Did anyone anticipate the activities in this level in the software field in India? IT is spreading its horizon because of globalization. Changes are very natural in the field of IT. In early days of emerging of multinational companies (MNCs), there was only one IT company among every ten companies, if we observe -2007 Market capitalization. But, after a decade, the situation is completely changed. In 2017… there are seven IT companies among every ten companies. It clearly shows and indicates that the IT field is spreading faster and its services are required to the other companies too.

New opportunities
It is true that there is a fear of losing jobs by the invention of new technologies. That fear is gaining momentum by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation in the field of IT. But, the fact is, new technologies will provide new opportunities. We should observe that the reports that are saying about losing jobs are also saying about new jobs and opportunities. Students and employees should have to strive to upgrade their skills to embrace the new technologies.

Management students
Now the situation in companies has arise in such a way that the technical and management departments should work with co-ordination. So the management students should not stick to their domain knowledge alone, but have to know the various technologies that the companies are adapting. They should upgrade their skills according to the requirements of the companies.

Not ’IT’ alone
“Job means… IT job” … is the opinion of youth today. Especially, engineering students have this kind of attitude. It is not correct. Now-a-days every field is spreading as same as IT. Youth should upgrade their skills and concentrate on the opportunities available in the divergent fields.

Pink slips and layoffs
Now-a-days, we are frequently coming across the news of layoffs and pink-slips. Youth should not get frightened by this. They should realize that if they are capable, many companies are ready to offer them jobs. Once they enter a company or organization, they have to work and upgrade their skills according to the situation. If they do so, bright future will be awaiting them.

Students have to concentrate on soft skills, latest technologies and real time experiences at the academic level itself. Then only, they can embrace the right opportunities at the job market.
Published on 9/20/2018 2:38:00 PM
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