Important Science topics for CBSE Class X Board Examinations

On the eve of CBSE Standard X Science exam on March 4th, Anand Prakash Head of Academics & Co-Founder, Vedantu shares important topics students should focus on:
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Class 10 Physics Imp Topics for Board exam
Physics Chapter Name Topics
Light Reflection and Refraction Problems, Ray diagrams, Application based questions
Human Eye and Colourful World Natural Phenomenon (Atmospheric Refraction, Scattering), Defect of eyes. Parts of the eye, Refraction Through Prism
Electricity Electricity Problems, Circuit Diagrams, Electrical heating, Ohm's law
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current Flemings left Hand rule, Working Principle of Motor and Generator. Construction of Motor and Generator. Magnetic field, Induction of electric current
Sources of Energy Types of sources of energy, Difference between.

Class 10 Chemistry Imp Topics for Board exam
Chemistry Chapter Name Topics
Chemical Reactions Identification of types of reactions and balancing
Acid-Bases & Salts pH and indicators (litmus-phenolphthalein)
Metals &Non metals Metallurgy related Q's, Reactivity series, corrosion, alloys
Carbon & its compounds Nomenclature, Esterification-saponification, properties of carbon
Periodic Classification of Elements Atomic number-mass, tendency of elements across the table

Class 10 Biology Imp Topics for Board exam
Biology Chapter Name Topics
Life Process Heart, Blood & Blood vessels, Excretion (Kidney and filtration)
Control & Coordination Hormones, Nerve impulse, Neurons
Reproduction in Organisms Female reproductive system, diff b/w sexual & asexual reprdn. types of asexual reprdn.
Heredity & Evolution Mendelism, Homologous structures
Our Environment garbage disposal & management, trophic levels-food web

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Published on 3/3/2020 3:03:00 PM

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