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Engineering Services Examination Topper Sammiah speaks on his Achievements

A Sammaiah
M.Tech (VLSI Design) in NIT-K, Surathkal
B.Tech (ECE) from Vaagdevi Engineering College, Warangal

  • Qualified in UPSC Engineering Services (IES-2008)
  • Qualified in UPSC Engineering Services (IES-2007)
  • All India first position in TAN-CET
  • All India 3rd Rank in MSIT (IIIT)
  • All India 4th rank in JTO.
Can you tell us about your school and college education?
My father is a weaver based in Warangal and my mother helps him in the work. All my studies from schooling to college were carried away by the education loans. I am an average student in the studies till the end of my graduation.

How did you know about the Engineering Services exam? When did you decide to write the exam and start preparing for the exam?
While preparing for the GATE exam in my 3rd year of graduation, I used to solve the previous papers of the Engineering Services exam which made me passionate about the exam. I started serious preparation for the exam after the completion of my graduation.

Why did you prefer Engineering Services to an IT or a software job?
To my opinion, a software job is like a typist job where most of the jobs in the software sector can be done by any engineer where as Engineering Service is the highest administrative job in the core sector for an engineer and more over by this job we are doing some kind of service for the country.

What was the contribution of your parents in your success?
Even though they are poor, they always supported me in what ever I do to pursue my goal.

What is your opinion on strategic hard work?
Strategic or I say smart work is required for topping the entrance exam. Sometimes GATE toppers don’t clear the Engineering Services exam. That doesn’t mean Engineering Service is the tough exam than the GATE or the GATE toppers lack the technical competence for the exam. The reason may be they are lacking in awareness towards the Engineering Services exam. So what I insist is, awareness is also part of smart work that needed to top the exam.

What attributes should one have to crack the tough exam like the IES?
One should have the following attributes to crack the Engineering service exam: Awareness towards the entrance exam, Orientation of the preparation towards the exam and smart work.

From which category did you appear for the exam?
I took the ECE syllabus for the exam.

From whom did you get the guidance which is essential, taking note of the technical aspect of the exam?
I did not get any expert guidance but my friend Sampath now working as an assistant professor in a private engineering college guided me and helped me in providing his books for my preparation.

Can you explain the preparation strategy you followed for the exam?
In this competitive environment, quality study material is always required with vast reading. I followed the standard books from famous authors .I started my preparation with observing the previous papers of the exam. For the G.K section, no special preparation is needed for English which contains 100 marks. So I concentrated on geography, human science, modern India, sports and famous personalities in art and culture. For this I followed NCERT books up to 10th standard and Brilliant’s Material.

For subject Papers:
The syllabus for the exam is beyond GATE syllabus. I followed two pronged strategy for the exam For objective papers I covered the entire syllabus with in depth basics on the subject. For descriptive papers, I selected the subjects which are most important and spent much time on them.

How much time does one require for preparation?
Six months of serious preparation with 7 to 8 effective hours in a daily routine is sufficient for a person with awareness on the subject. I preferred mostly morning for preparation.

How important are the presentation skills to attract the attention of the examiner?
Technical skills combined with Presentation skills are essential for scoring good marks. One must put in mind the marks allotted to the question, and must present the answer in a legible and logical manner.

Is coaching essential? If yes, where did you take it?
According to my personal opinion, coaching is not required for the exam. I didn’t take coaching in any of the institute.

How was your interview with the UPSC board?
It is a 20 minutes action in which you must make them believe that you are fit for the job. They test your application knowledge during the interview.
Some of the questions they asked me were:

Why have you opted for the Engineering Services?
I choose for good future prospects

Why did you choose Indian Railways?
My professor guided me to take the railway service as it is vast and diversified field and can work closely with the society.

Why do we use five loudspeakers for a stereo in a room?
I don’t know the exact answer but I think it is for synchronization of the sound.
They asked some subject questions and the technical details of the LCD monitor.

What is your life goal?
My life goal is to become a bureaucrat and later in my career open an orphanage.

Your valuable suggestions for the engineering services aspirants
If one has awareness and orientation towards the entrance exam, with dedicated smart work, even an average student can clear the Engineering Service exam
Published on 1/24/2011
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