M.Tech in Electronics and Communication Stream

Suggested order of preference- Specialization in M.Tech:
  1. Communication Systems.
  2. VLSI / Micro Electronics.
  3. Electronic Design & Technology (Chip Design)
  4. Digital Electronics
  5. Systems & Signals
  6. Computer Science, if interested.
  7. Instrumentation & Controls
  8. Interdisciplinary courses like Satellite Technology, Internet Science, Aerospace, Management, Industrial Engineering (NITIE – Bombay)
Assessment of GATE Percentile:
  • In open category the possibility to get the above specializations based on the ranks, will be generally as follows.
  • Rank Below - 200: Communication Systems, VLSI / Micro Electronics in IITs.
  • Rank between 200 -300: Communication Systems, VLSI / Micro Electronics... (With interview in IITs).
  • Rank between 300 - 600: The remaining specializations (S.No. 3 to 7) in IITs and all the above specializations in NIT's and Other premier Colleges like BHU, ANNA University College etc., (with interview and written test).
  • Rank between 600-1000: Other Universities like JNTU, Osmania etc.
  • Rank more than - 1000: Private Colleges with Direct admission or with Interview. For interdisciplinary courses percentile will be the main criteria.
  • The students are advised to apply for more number of Colleges so that they can get admission in the desired specialization in at least one or two Colleges. Then the students can decide to join the appropriate College.
Premier Institutes, in the order of preference:
  1. IISc, Bangalore
  2. IIT, Bombay / Kanpur / Madras / Delhi / Kharagpur / Roorkee / Gowhati
  3. IIIT,Hyderabad (www.iiit.ac.in/pgadmin.html)... Separate test & interview
  4. NITIE, Bombay (Management Course)
  5. NITs: Warangal / Suratkal / Tirichy / Calicut etc..
  6. BHU, Pondicherry university, BITs, Pilani, Anna University, PSG, Coimbatore, Anna University, Rurkela etc…
  7. Other University Colleges...
Selection Criteria:
The selection is, generally based on GATE rank /score. However, some IITs, NITs and other university colleges may conduct a written test / Interview for selection into M.Tech. In such a case, the GATE score is given 70% weightage and remaining 30% weightage is for the written test / Interview. The exact procedure will be known by referring to the information brochure issued by the colleges for admission into M.Tech. The selection criteria may vary from year to year and from college to college.
  • In IISc Bangalore, IIT Madras, Kharagpur,Roorkee, the selection is purely based on GATE score.
  • In other colleges apart from GATE score, a written test or interview is being conducted for selection into M.Tech. If a student gets excellent rank in the GATE, then direct admission will also be given without any interview.
Stipend for M.Tech:
The stipend/Scholarship is available for eligible candidates in the form of Teaching assistance ship or Research assistance ship etc. The teaching assistance ship may be preferred, if possible.

Non Stipend M.Tech:
Most of the IITs, NITs & other colleges have certain seats reserved in the Non-stipend category. Here, the UGC scholarship will not be given. All the expenses shall be borne by the students only. Those students, who are economically sound and desperate to join IITs, can apply. Students, even with low GATE score can get good specializations.

MS Programme:
Offered by most of the IITs and IISc. The MS course is equivalent to M.Tech. It involves research work and takes about 21/2 to 3yrs to complete the course. Very few seats are available in the IITs. Admissions are given twice in a year (in June & Nov. months). Admissions are based on GATE score + Degree marks + interview. Candidates with reasonably good GATE score and good academic record (> 70% marks) have chances of getting admission in IITs. UGC scholarship will be given throughout the program. Students who can’t get MTech admission in IITs, generally try for MS Course in IITs.

Special attention for SC/ST students:
We strongly suggest you to apply for premier institutes like IIT’s irrespective of your percentiles. Luck may favor you.

Special attention for Girls:
Certain universities have girls reservation, eg. Andhra Pradesh. Hence even at lower percentiles compared to boys, girls have fair chances.

Special note for Second Class students:
If you see the rules & regulations of various premier Institutes, 1st class in Engineering is the pre-requisite. If you apply online, your application will be rejected. Hence we suggest you to apply manually with a request letter stating your present strengths substantiating with GATE Score and your desire to do M.Tech in the respective IIT. Request them to give you a chance so that you can prove yourself. Most of the professors would like to encourage the students who are seriously interested, inspite of the above negative point, if the GATE score is good and the student has a burning desire to join the desired specialization in the desired IIT. They may consider your application with sympathy and may give you a chance after a personnel Interview. Some of our old students with second class in their graduation got admission on similar grounds. Be bold and be positive. Definitely, you can reach your goal.
  1. The students are advised to select the first preference carefully, appropriate to their GATE score level as the students are called for interview based on their 1st preference opted, generally.
  2. Those who have got relatively low scores in the GATE are strongly advised to apply for more number of colleges (not less than 10) so that they can get admission in at least one college in the desired specialization.
  3. The students shall be in-touch with the daily and Employment News for the M.Tech notifications by various colleges.
  4. The students are also advised to visit the websites of the premier colleges for all the latest details on M.Tech admissions.
  5. All the above guidelines are only suggestive / advisory. The candidates are requested to go through the information brochure of each college and take decision appropriately. Depending upon their interest.
  6. The students may also contact their seniors/friends studying in various colleges for their suggestions and latest information about the colleges.
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